Motor Vehicle students take on the Gearbox Challenge

The Work Experience team collaborated with Grays Motor Services to test our Motor Vehicle students with The Gearbox Challenge

Covid and the current lockdown measures have meant limited work experience opportunities for students to gain their practical skills within Motor Vehicle. To overcome this barrier and enable all students to get an insight experience, we teamed up with Grays Motor Services to give students the best possible opportunity. The Work Experience Team worked closely with the employer to come up with The Gearbox Challenge.

Grays Motor Services provided a faulty gearbox and students were assigned the task of dismantling and diagnosing the transmission system using everyday tools used by mechanics. Students dismantled the entire gearbox, found the faults and put together a diagnostic plan on how to repair it and present it to the employer explaining what specific tools were used and how they diagnosed the faults. Grays Motor Services supported the students virtually during the challenge.

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