Newham College celebrates LGBT+ History Month with lively virtual panel discussion

LGBT+ History Month in the UK was started by the education charity Schools Out UK in 2005 to raise awareness on matters affecting the LGBT+ community, promote their welfare and through education counter myths and negative stereotypes that students may have heard and believed about LGBT+ people.

2020 was a historic year as LGBT-inclusive Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) was finally introduced in English schools in September after years of campaigning. By the end of 2021, LGBT-inclusive education will also be embedded in the curriculum of all Scottish schools, and by 2022, LGBT-inclusive RSE will be introduced in all Welsh schools. 

In celebration of LGBT+ History Month, the enrichment team delivered an exciting virtual panel discussion to raise awareness and spotlight common LGBTQ+ experiences under the theme, "Love Who You Are!" 

The panel featured five amazing guests from all walks of life including:

  • NYJA – a rising afrobeat artist from East London,
  • Candice Manuel – professional hockey player and an Account Manager,
  • Dior Clarke – actor, director, writer (short film Batty Boy) and performer,
  • Blain Ho-Shing – creator, director and writer of the short film Batty Boy and host of the podcast 2 much talk,
  • Eden Sherry – Newham College alumnus, currently studying fashion at the London College of Fashion.

The discussion explored pertinent topics such as sexual identities, "coming out" experiences, and overcoming obstacles as a result of one's sexuality, race or gender identity. The panel also provided valuable advice to those who may be struggling with their sexual and gender identity and "coming out". 

For more information about LGBT+ History Month, visit the dedicated website and for further advice and guidance about "coming out", check out Stonewall's help pages on the topic.

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