Newham College launches Boxing Academy

Newham College official boxing academy has officially launched, thanks to our partners and unbeaten Super Welterweight, Sean Robinson.

The Newham College Boxing Academy launched yesterday to a fantastic turn-up which saw eager students looking to learn more about the academy and even enrol for the course which starts in September 2019. Many thanks to everyone that participated in the launch event including England Boxing, GetSetGoSports, Knives Down Gloves Up, and also unbeaten super welterweight, Sean Robinson, for inspiring the students. 

he Newham College Boxing Academy is for students between 16 and 18 years old and combines full-time education with 5 hours a week of high-quality boxing coaching throughout the academic year, in addition to vocational qualifications, mentoring in the sport is offered, giving students a pathway into coaching through boxing.

The academy prides itself on offering a unique opportunity to young athletes who are passionate about boxing and are looking to progress in their boxing career through competition or a coaching pathway, whilst continuing their full-time academic education. 

The boxing academy launch means opportunities for our 16-18 year old's to continue developing their social skills, work ethic, and education. The academy gives the students the chance to learn the theory side of sports whilst also participating. East London is where boxing started; it’s the hub of boxing. For Newham College to have the Boxing Academy is amazing it will bring boxing back into the community through the backing and support we have from organisations such as England Boxing, GetSetGoSport, as well as the local borough of Newham and communities involved.
Peter Theori, Head of Sports & Business, Newham College


It’s a brilliant opportunity for students of Newham College to add boxing to their lives and reap positive rewards from it.
Sean Robinson, unbeaten Super Welterweight


I’m excited about the launch of the Newham College Boxing Academy today. East London is historic in the boxing world; some of the world champions to amateur champions are from East London so Newham College is the ideal place to launch a boxing academy. With the current climate of knife crime and gang related activities in London, ‘it’s essential that we keep our students in further education and hopefully they’ll go onto higher education. Boxing is the beacon to draw students in to the academic courses Newham College has to offer, so that students can practise boxing, as well as gaining an education.
Richard Powers, England Boxing


To find out about the Boxing Academy course, view the page here

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