What went on during Newham College's Biggest Open Day

From our largest attendance to the many innovative curriculum taster-activities and fun giveaway activities, our Open Day on the 22nd of June packed a punch!

On Saturday 22nd June, Newham College opened its gates to its biggest Open Day presence with over 200 enquiries and our largest online registration attendance. Eager students looking to learn from our inspirational teachers who were at hand to offer them course guidance and also allowed our students to get their hands dirty in our exciting range of curriculum taster-activities, with the day followed by some special giveaways and live DJ! 

Not only did our students get a chance to meet teachers on the day, but they were also given hands-on experience in how their course runs! These taster-sessions held last week were bigger and better; from mixing chemicals in Science to converting energy in Electronics, students from all curriculum interests were given the opportunity to get a real feel for their course.

On top of this, we had live DJ on from 11 am till the end of the Open Day where we gave out special giveaways and treated guests on the day to complimentary popcorn and smoothie using our smoothie-machine bike! The buzz was exceptional. A massive thanks also go out to @Thejevano and to Ape Media for delighting students with their live performances! 

Thank you to our hard-working staff from admissions to enrichment, to the teachers and support staff for making this our biggest Open Day, and more importantly helping learners on the route to their next academic-journey. We could not have managed this without everyone's hard work and efforts. See you all at our next Open Day in 2019/20!

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