Newham College to Become a Football Super Hub

Newham College to Become a Football Super Hub

AoC Sport has selected 22 colleges across the UK to develop a network of football Super Hubs. These colleges will act as a football development advisory group and will have opportunities to showcase their strengths within the following areas: Participation, Performance, Workforce, Community and Women and Girls.

The hubs have been formed in partnership with the FA to demonstrate excellence and innovation within the further education sector’s football and futsal offers. They will pilot FA products and initiatives and will assist in shaping the model of a future funding scheme to strengthen partnerships between Colleges and local football communities.

The Super Hub network will create more inclusive and appropriate playing opportunities for students, as well as the community. They will also focus on areas such as women’s and girls’, disability and futsal games.

Experts in the sector will provide Super Hub staff with further continuing professional development (CPD), as well as opportunities to learn from each other and share best practice.

Super Hubs will also benefit from additional support in the delivery and development of their football and futsal offer, through both individual and networking meetings, over the next two academic years.

We’re honoured to become part of the AoC’s network of Football Super Hubs. Our students and staff will benefit from some exceptional opportunities as a result and it will be great to improve participation amongst women and girls as well as developing skills for everyone involved and strengthening community engagement.
Paul Stephen Newham College Principal & Chief Exec


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