Newham College celebrates virtual learning successes!

Despite lockdown, Newham College is delivering teaching and supporting our learners in a wide range of innovative and engaging formats.

Since lockdown began and Newham College transitioned from face-to-face teaching to online learning, the College has been delivering teaching and supporting our learners in a wide range of innovative and engaging formats. We are delighted with the way our students have engaged with and embraced virtual learning, enabling them to stay on track to successfully complete their studies, helping them to progress towards their chosen career. It is this excellent attitude and approach against a challenging backdrop which reinforces why Newham College is officially the top-performing FE College in London (NART 2018-19).

Delivering through technology

Students and staff have been working together using MS Teams, Zoom and Loom, sharing resources, making videos, taking quizzes and keeping in touch using virtual discussion forums and motivational calls from teachers. We’ve even had some employers joining our virtual classes to lend their support. Regular keep fit, health and wellbeing sessions keep students active and ready to learn and have fun!

As a National Centre of Excellence for Maths, Newham College has a range of online resources and additional support available to further develop skills up to level 3 core maths, supporting students in their progression to university or highly skilled employment. 

Students adapting and excelling

Students led the way with our first virtual student forum via Zoom, with governors and representatives from Newham Council. Students shared their experiences and were highly positive about the support they are receiving from Newham College. Student Nazira Chill, who was working for a care agency as part of her work experience during the lockdown, has now been offered a part-time job following her impressive placement performance.

Meanwhile, Access to Higher Education students are taking part in virtual analytical discursive forums to prepare them for university, whilst teachers send links to ESOL students to explore virtual adventures to exotic locations, so they can describe their visits, developing their language and writing skills. 

Innovative teachers

Teachers have been busy supporting students and the wider community: Hair and Beauty tutor Charlotte Cheeseman conducted a radio interview on Supreme FM’s 'Tune in' recently where she gave advice and guidance on how to maintain your hair at home during lockdown. As part of the interview, Charlotte spoke about her work at Newham College and how well the students had adapted to online learning.

Travel and Tourism tutor Sara Jabar supported her Cabin Crew students to set up mock cabins at home with other isolating family members as passengers. Learners then filmed themselves carrying out emergency evacuation procedures as part of their assessments.

In the absence of being able to access laboratories, our science department has been working collaboratively with technician Philip Stobbart to source practical simulations of experiments and videos via various online portals. Teachers are using these alongside PowerPoint presentations and audio explanations to ensure students continue to build their knowledge and understanding in their subject areas. To ensure work is not copied, individual sets of data generated by practical experiments are being sent directly to both students and teacher. Students are then using the data to base their reports on. Philip is also working with the lecturers to create a bank of practical experiments videos to be used both now and for future learning.

Careers team delivering despite lockdown

Our nationally acclaimed careers team have supported over 30 students to gain employment with the NHS during the lockdown, providing front line support where it is most needed for our community. 

These are just a few examples of how Newham College, its staff and students have proudly embraced this new way of learning and more success stories will be shared soon. This is testament to the commitment and resilience of everyone at Newham College and demonstrates why we are the leading FE College in London.

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