Newham students staying active during lockdown

The Sports and Enrichment team are challenging our students to keep fit and healthy during lockdown 3.0

Despite lockdown, our Sports Enrichment & Engagement Team have been keeping students and staff fit and healthy with a range of activities, so they stay active whilst at home.

Starting this week, students will be able to take part in a virtual Workout of the Day. Posted at 9 am Monday to Friday on Instagram (@newhamcollegeenr), this short, sharp, 20-minute full-body workout is just what is needed to kick start the new week and is accessible for students at any fitness level.

There is also a 30-day healthy living challenge activity chart that suggests ways in which students can keep their health and wellbeing on track daily.

The Lunar Challenge

The Lunar Challenge - held in collaboration with other colleges and the Association of Colleges - encourages students to work together to clock up mileage equivalent to a one-way trip to the moon. The challenge is aimed at encouraging students to get active and engaged in physical activities such as walking, running, and cycling, whilst also providing an opportunity for students to represent their college.

Students and staff will need to download the free Strava App and track their activity with Newham College’s clubs in order to participate in the challenge using the following links for the running club and cycling club. Your distance will then contribute to the overall college total.

Walking will need to be recorded as a run on Strava for it to count towards the total mileage. To do this, students will need to select the ‘Run’ setting on the app when walking or running. Cycling will need to be recorded using the ‘Ride’ setting on the app.

For safeguarding purposes, we strongly recommend that you adjust the privacy settings on your Strava account so that you can restrict who can see where you started and finished your session. Strava provides a useful guide on how to create privacy zones to hide your house or office from activity maps.

There is also a national leaderboard where colleges can compare their efforts and earn bragging rights. There will be prizes for the colleges that contribute the most miles – the top 3 on the leaderboard and a random draw of colleges who reach 300 activities. The Lunar Challenge aims to reach the cumulative goal of 238,855 miles and travel to the moon!

Get involved

These initiatives are just a few ways of how Newham College, its staff and students have been keeping staying active during lockdown, and is testament to the resilience and positivity of everyone at Newham College.

If you have any questions about any of the initiatives described above or would like further information, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us via our Instagram.

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