Newham College Student Secures International Apprenticeship

Hannah Steens, who recently completed a level 2 tailoring course at Newham College has now started her career as a bespoke tailoring apprentice in Berlin.

Hannah secured her full-time job at one of Germany’s most elite tailoring companies, after its owners contacted Newham College in search of a skilled candidate to fill the role.

The company, Purwin & Radczun uses traditional English methods to hand-make clothes for discerning customers.  Their team will train Hannah to create garments according to their own distinctive style, which is in demand throughout Germany. She will also take lessons with the company’s cutter, who specialises in cutting lengths of fabric to create panels for making suits, so she can develop her pattern cutting skills.

The Head of Newham College’s Fashion & Tailoring department, Gill Jones says,

“This is a wonderful opportunity for Hannah! It’s great for Newham College to be approached by an employer that is based abroad and the opening at Purwin & Radczun is a marvellous opportunbity, since they’re likely to be one of the only bespoke tailors in Germany that specialises in using English methods for making clothes. Hannah is more than lucky though, she has worked very hard and developed excellent skills; she really deserves this.”

Never in my wildest dreams had I imagined being offered a full time apprenticeship at the conclusion of my Diploma in Bespoke Tailoring Level 2. The opportunity to pursue my passion in such an exciting and exuberant city is entirely overwhelming
Hannah Steens Bespoke Tailoring Level 2


Hannah Steens Bespoke Tailoring Apprentice Purwin & Radczun

Hannah successfully completed an Intermediate Diploma in Bespoke Tailoring at Level 2 in 2017 before securing her role at Purwin & Radczun in Berlin.




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