Students at Newham College get their careers on track

Newham College hosted a practical engineering course giving our adult students hands-on experience.

The students were taken through training as railway engineers, earning them the requisite skills needed to look after a network of tracks and other key pieces of infrastructure.

Director of Curriculum at Newham College, Lloyd Davis, said: Engineering practical courses are vital for the long-term future of the economy and vocational training is a great route for young people to go down. They learn a bespoke trade and then have a good chance of getting a permanent job at the end of the.

Newham College Engineering courses offer first class practical training and provides students with a pathway to a brilliant career in the railway and public transport industry. At a time when there is a skills shortage in this sector Newham College has invested in training and skills development to ensure that we continue to deliver the education and training to our students for many more years to come.

To meet this challenge, Newham College is working with a network of providers including, National College for Advanced Transport and Infrastructure (NCATI) and is a member of the National Skills Academy for Rail (NSAR).   The College is the prime partner with Queen Mary University developing an Institute of Technology where local residents can access training and develop skills for the future that is due to open in 2021 at Albert Island.

Newham College Engineering courses cover key theoretical and practical related subjects across multiple disciplines. Students can enrol on a full-time engineering course at any of our colleges.

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