The GYM Group looking to employ young ESOL students from Newham College

The Gym Group (Ilford) looking to hire young ESOL students from Newham College.

Newham College has received good news from The Gym Group in Ilford that they are looking to hire young ESOL students.

Davinder Gill, Assistant General Manager from the Gym Group, said that he is extremely happy with a group of young ESOL students and would love to employ them as soon as vacancies become available.   

Mr Gill said that the exceptional students are the “best group of students we’ve ever had at the gym”

The following students were amazing during their 2 week work experience:

  • Daniela Bargan
  • Gabriela Bargan
  • Maninderjit Kaur
  • Costel Duca
  • Agne Puskoriute
  • Andrei-Daniel Simion
  • Wiktoria Wydra

Davinder Gill, Assisstant General Manager from the GYM group in Ilford has commented:

‘These students were very helpful and productive. All students went the extra mile when it came to all tasks and jobs set. They were bright and used initiative to make sure everything was completed to a high standard. Time keeping was really good as all students turned up each day on time and on occasions stayed a bit later to help out staff. The students took part in classes and also were given the opportunity to help plan and instruct a class to the rest of the students which we filmed and also took part in. Overall a really good group of students who have a lot of potential to do well in whatever they wish to pursue. We would be happy to employ any of these students and welcome them back at any time’. 

We are extremely proud of the success of our students! Very well done!

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Natasha Altaf Work Experience Adviser

Galyna Galypchak Head of School for Young ESOL

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