Travel and tourism students try their hand at running a hotel in virtual work experience project

Travel and Tourism students show their entrepreneurial flair in employer-led work experience project.

With the pandemic temporarily ruling out traditional work experience opportunities, The Stratford Hotel set a virtual challenge for our Level 2 Travel and Tourism students to show off their entrepreneurial skills.

Their task was to propose five ideas that could be implemented by the hotel, aimed at either hotel staff (Team) or would benefit the hotel itself (Business).

If the students chose 'Team', their ideas would need to consider enhancing staff engagement and motivation, and the protection of the mental health of staff. Whereas if they chose ‘Business’,  ideas would need to focus on increasing revenue and profit margins, and customer retention and acquisition.

Students were expected to use their initiative and creativity to present ideas that were cost-efficient, communicated and promoted clearly and professionally, and considered and incorporated COVID-19 protocols.

The Stratford Hotel virtual work experience project not only allowed our students to understand their responsibilities towards staff welfare and business objectives but also to develop the skills, abilities, and personal qualities necessary to succeed in a professional environment.

The work experience project was a huge success, and we congratulate all students who took part.

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