What went on during our Stratford Campus Open Evening on the 30th April 2019?

Find out why our Stratford Campus Open Evening was jam-packed by eager Learners as soon as the gates opened!

Newham College opened its gates at 5PM on Tuesday 30th April to eager Learners who were greeted to a host of practical college activities, learning about their preferred courses, meeting the inspirational teachers who will dedicate their time to Students to achieve above and beyond and to learn about the fantastic college incentives during the open event. 

We are proud to see over 200 eager Learners queue up and register by our front desk team, who assisted and guided them to their subject-related area to be able to discuss any burning questions they had for the teacher. Many of whom took an extra leap forward in their career aspirations by enrolling on the open evening. 

We take pride to have our Open Events stand out and be memorable for our Learners. How do we do this? We let them be in control! Thanks to our dedicated Staff and Teachers, we were able to allow Learners to get their hands dirty and try some of our practical taster-sessions allowing them to get a real feel for the course. These include flexible brain muscles in our English & Maths quizzes, to testing car components and break-systems in Motor Vehicle, wiring, piping & plastering/ repairing walls in Construction, and to testing the input, processing and output sound systems in Electronical Engineering.

Have a look at some of the exciting taster sessions our enthusiastic Learners participated in!   

The Stratford campus specialises in ScienceEngineering, Technology, Motor Vehicle & ConstructionESOL and Higher Education courses at our University Centre. The Stratford Campus also houses a centre of excellence for Vocational ESOL. This means it's a hub for key activities that increase the delivery of vocational skills, within that subject area.

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Register today to our East Ham Campus Open Evening on the 15 May 2019. 


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