Samsung Digital Academy

East London’s centre of IT excellence has been created through a partnership between a learning revolution in further education and technological innovation by business.

The Samsung Digital Academy was built by Newham College London in collaboration with Samsung Electronics UK to create new opportunities for young people in the UK.

Students have a state-of-the-art learning environment that includes three new training classrooms, a research zone, and a TV and audio-visual room for practical and vocational training. They also can use some of Samsung’s latest devices.

The Academy is in a diverse community that needs economic improvement and is near ‘Tech City’, a hub for technology-based businesses that needs skilled workers. With nearly half of its 1,300 businesses saying their biggest challenge is a skills shortage, the Academy is well placed to help meet the challenge.

Samsung is also offering scholarships, and for select students, Samsung devices and IT conference places.

Newham College has already forged partnerships with other global leaders in IT and this latest one enables it to add to its expertise in digital technology.

Discover what is available to study at the Samsung Digital Academy

Choose from a variety of courses.

Samsung Digital Academy Courses

Get expert teaching and support.
Earn industry recognised qualifications.
Progress into employment in a wide range of job roles across the Information Technology sector and creative industries that generates 15 billion pounds a year.

Develop skills within this state-of-the-art learning environment with:

  • 3 purpose built ‘Samsung Digital Academy’ classrooms at the main East Ham campus
  • The latest Digital Technologies
  • All-In-One touch screen desktop computers, tablets, mobile phones and entertainment systems

For further information please CALL 020 8257 4446 or EMAIL or COME & SEE US Monday – Friday 9.00am to 5.00pm
East Ham Campus: High Street South, London E6 6ER


“Samsung Electronics is committed to the power of technology to bring positive changes to young people’s lives. By providing access to the latest technology, students will learn in an environment infused with innovation where they can build a career in the technology sector.” - Samsung Electronics UK
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