Newham College of Further Education has a vision of "a learning and skills revolution leading to resilient, high achieving, prosperous residents and employers".

Newham College has a clear corporate strategy for successful engagement with employers and employment sectors.

The College has developed a curriculum in collaboration with employers, that offers flexibility, excellence in vocational skills, and the development of key employability skills expected in the work place.

Educational Partners


The College works with all schools in the borough of Newham, providing courses in a college environment for children aged 14-16.  This approach has proved effective in re-engaging young people and helping them progress with learning.

Higher Education

Newham College offers higher education in its higher education centre delivered in partnership with The Open University, Canterbury Christ Church University. We also continue to develop close relationships with the Univeristy of East London, with a memorandum of understanding in place.

The college also offers a wide range of Access courses for those who need a stepping stone to higher education. To find out more about higher education at the college

Community Partnerships

The College has extensive links with the local community, including partnerships with charities and support groups that aim to help people back into employment or learning.

Regeneration Projects 

Newham College is committed to social and economic regeneration in the borough of Newham and this drives the development of training and learning opportunities offered by the College.

The College is the largest provider of nursery places in the area, enabling many who have young children to take advantage of the free places offered to the children of College students.

Industry Initiatives

The College is highly regarded as a leader in identifying skills gaps within industry sectors, working with employer bodies, such as Newham Chamber of Commerce, East London Business Alliance and London First.  The College's principal also chairs the London Borough of Newham's Employment and Enterprise Partnership Action Board.