Sub Contracting Fees and Charges


  1. Newham College’s corporate and strategic commitment to economic regeneration (and aspects of social cohesion) results in high levels of innovative skills and employment provision that makes effective use of sub-contracting arrangements and complements the work of the College’s teaching directorates.
  2. The College has developed a client-focussed approach in order to become more responsive by aligning available resources for maximum effectiveness, including learner success.  This approach is supported through working collaboratively with a number of approved sub-contractors to explore new market opportunities and develop business models that promote apprenticeships and successful approaches to support unemployed people into sustained employment.
  3. Newham College is committed to a strategy of continuous quality improvement in the totality of service delivery and the relationship with sub-contractors, funding and planning bodies. This strategic approach to quality improvement utilises the following core principles:
  • Customer focus viz., on analysing and meeting customer needs; constant monitoring of progress towards planned customer outcomes; and engagement of customers in quality improvement
  • Raising the expectations of our customers by the setting of aspirational service standards
  • Flexibility as a principle of service design in terms of meeting customer needs
  • Self critical review and quality improvement planning (annual cycle)
  • Staff performance review, training and development, so that we have the skills to achieve our standards
  • Continuous monitoring utilising comprehensive, reliable and timely information, so that we can accurately analyse service delivery outcomes and take appropriate actions
  • Target setting and service level agreements, so that the achievement of improvements and standards is clearly understood
  • Positive utilisation of both external inspection and benchmarking with similar organisations of the quality of provision and services
  • Investment in modernisation and innovation
  • Effective leadership and intervention at all levels that is focused on these core principles
  • Learner involvement in the design and continuous improvement of the College's curriculum and its activities
  • Employer engagement
  • Personalisation of learning so that learning meets the needs of individuals