Candidate Charter

Newham College London expects the highest standards of staff and students throughout the College.

It's mission is to provide an outstanding learning experience, and to achieve this, we need to recruit the highest calibre of staff so that we can build on our teaching excellence.

We will continue to recruit the right people in the right job at the right time but our recruitment policy is more than that. We want to ensure that any contact you have with us throughout the recruitment process is an enjoyable experience, even if you do not get the job on one occasion. We also want you to feel confident that you have made the right choice in joining Newham College.

What you can expect from Newham College:

If you are a candidate then the Human Resources Team will ensure that we:

  • Treat you with dignity and respect
  • Treat you fairly
  • Deal with your questions and queries honestly
  • Keep you informed
  • Keep your information confidential - where appropriate
  • Ensure there are flexible alternatives e.g. in ways of applying for positions

We will also ensure that our recruitment policies and procedures are:

  • Open
  • Fair
  • Straightforward
  • Designed to find the most suitable person for the position
  • Designed to enable you to make a decision about the job